25 November 2010 – “Creative approaches to revitalise PNG’s health system”
Lowy Institute Policy Brief “Revitalising Papua New Guinea’s health system: the need for creative approaches” by Ms Julienne McKay and Dr Katherine Lepani.

25 November 2010 – “Health system strengthening in PNG”
Lowy Institute Analysis “Health system strengthening in rural Papua New Guinea: exploring the role of demand-responsive instruments” by Ms Julienne McKay and Dr Katherine Lepani.

25 November 2010 – “PNG urged to strengthen its health service delivery”
ABC Radio, Pacific Beat. Co-author of a report on revitalising PNG’s health system, Julienne McKay; Co-author of the report, Dr Katherine Lepani; PNG’s Deputy Secretary for Health, Dr Paison Dakulala; Lowy Institute’s Director for HIV/Aids Program and the Pacific Friends of the Global Fund, Bill Bowtell

7 September 2010 – “Call to increase TB funding”
SBS World View interview with Bill Bowtell (Pacific Friends), Lucy Chesire (ACTION Kenya), Maree Nutt (RESULTS Australia).

27 August 2010 – “Global HIV/AIDS pandemic: challenge and response”
The Lowy Institute ‘Distinguished Speaker Series’ featured the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Mr Michel Sidibé, addressing the Lowy Institute for International Policy on the global struggle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

24 August 2010 – “HIV and AIDS in the Developing World”
World Bank Praxis Discussion Series, featuring speakers Rouena Getigan from ChildFund Australia, Bruce Parnell from Burnet Institute, and Bill Bowtell from the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

24 February 2010 – “Speech on the Official Presentation of the Report of the Commission on AIDS in the Pacific – ‘TURNING THE TIDE'”
Speech by the Honourable Misa Telefoni Retzlaff, Chairman of the Pacific Aids Commission and Deputy Prime Minister of Samoa, to the Executive Director of the Global Fund Dr Michel Kazatchkine in Wellington, NZ.

23 February 2010 – “Australia urged to do more for AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis”
ABC Radio Australia. Connect Asia. Interview with The Global Fund’s executive director, Professor Michel Kazatchkine.

22 February 2010 – “Call to assist PNG’s AIDS funding application”
ABC Radio Australia. Pacific Beat. Interview with The Global Fund’s executive director, Professor Michel Kazatchkine.

17 September 2009 – “The history of HIV AIDS in Australia”
ABC Radio National. A panel discussion on the past, present and future of HIV in Australia. With Bill Bowtell, James Wilson, and Ross Duffin.

26 August 2009 – “Role of Friends of the Global Fund Organisations Discussion Paper”
A discussion paper prepared by Pacific Friends of the Global Fund that canvasses the role of Friends organisations in the work of the Global Fund and identifies areas in the relationship that may need clarification and strengthening.

28 April 2009 – “The deadbeat of international aid”
Sydney Morning Herald. Op-ed by Bill Bowtell

5 December 2008 –  “Is Asia getting the message on HIV prevention?”
ABC Radio “Connect Asia”. Interview with Bill Bowtell.

1 December 2008 – “More money to fight preventable diseases in the Pacific”
ABC Radio Australia. Interview with Bill Bowtell.

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Pacific Friends of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a high-level advocacy organisation which seeks to mobilise regional awareness of the serious threat posed by HIV & AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria to societies and economies in the Pacific. In pursuing its goals Pacific Friends has a specific interest in highlighting the need to protect the rights of women and children in the Pacific.



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