31 May 2016
Shawn Clackett

Papua New Guinea: TB keeps hospital shut, says Kaluvia

From The National, page 15, Friday 20 May 2016


Chief executive officer of the Kundiawa General Hospital Mathew Kaluvia says the hospital has remained closed and quarantined to prevent the spread of multiple drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

Kaluvia said the hospital board and management have made a decision until the temporarily wards built for MDR-TB patients are completed.

“For public safety, we closed down the hospital because we do not have a facility to cater for this drug resistant TB patients.

“TB, unlike other diseases, spreads through the air and it is a threat to public health.

“Therefore, we are strictly monitoring the situation. We are keeping the patients in the cancer ward and the construction of the ward is nearing completion.

We are possibly looking at opening the hospital on Monday next week (30 May 2016),” Kaluvia said.

He said a team from the National Department of Health visited the hospital last week.

“So we are waiting for their recommendations on what actions to take.

“But we are very grateful to the provincial government and the governor for their full backing in dealing with the situation,” Kaluvia said.

“We received another K100,000 from the Governor Noah Kool last Monday and we are using it to speed up the construction of the temporary wards.

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